Five on Friday

Some blogs have a “Ten on Tuesday/Thursday”, “Wordless Wednesday” or a “Five on Friday” or just random thoughts/photos about the week. Since I need to get in the habit of doing something regularly on here (is anyone still reading this blog??), I thought I would try posting five things every Friday. Let’s see how long I can keep this up. šŸ™‚

1) We have talked about getting a second cat for awhile, but it’s just never quite worked out – vacation coming up soon, busy with work, busy with life, etc. In January, however, a friend found a stray kitten, but soon found out that they were allergic to it and needed to find a different home for her. After a quick family discussion, we went and looked at the kitten and soon found ourselves carrying the little fluffball home. We named her Snickers and she’s been wrecking havoc on our house, older cat and our sleep ever since! Here’s hoping that the kitten stage ends soon! šŸ˜› Yesterday she was getting ready for a nap, so I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photos – all of that running, chasing and stalking of our other cat wears her out once in awhile.

2) I really need to blog a lot of sessions from this past fall. I’ve been enjoying my break though. I’ve been using my down time to get caught up on a lot of projects around my house (although I think I’m creating more messes than actually getting anything put away…) and I was able to start volunteering at school again. I love getting to meet my youngest daughter’s friends and getting to know her teacher a little bit better.

3) I’m so proud of both of my daughters.Ā  We just attended Miss G’s banquet for Academic Achievement last week and I just saw her awesome 3rd quarter report card in my email this morning. Miss M was awarded the Integrity characteristic for her school’s character rewards program this month – they have a character trait for each month of the year. I won’t get to see her report card until she gets home, but I’m sure it will be great!

4) Trying to decide on a summer vacation. Mackinac Island sounded fun, but we will probably wait for a different summer to do that. Going to a beach has been suggested. Going back to the mountains has been suggested and met with a sigh from the girls. After last years 3,200 mile, two week vacation, I think we will probably find some place close to home and do a shorter vacation. Just need to figure out what and where.

5) We rejoined the Y for a month with a great discount from Groupon last month. I really enjoyed using the elliptical machines and swimming, but then our month was up and Spring Break happened. I actually miss going up there and working out every day and I think my back misses it too! It had actually stopped bothering me for awhile, but this week it is back to its spasming, grumpy self. Ugh.

That wasn’t so hard. Now, let’s see if I can get some fall sessions posted next week. šŸ™‚

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Cindy Gullett

Cindy Gullett

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