Nick and Kristi

Last fall I received an email from Brooke Moffitt of B. Sharp Photography. I had just finished up preschool photos for the school that her children attend and I assumed her email probably had something to do with those photos. Imagine my surprise when her email had nothing to do with preschool photos and instead was asking if I would be interested in meeting and discussing the possibility of bring her second shooter at a few weddings this year. While I currently have no interest in being the photographer in charge of a wedding, I jumped at the opportunity to assist Brooke. Nick and Kristi’s wedding was my first wedding, and I feel so fortunate to not only have their wedding as my first, but to also work with someone as patient as Brooke. After I looked through all of my images from Nick and Kristi’s day, I kept going back to this photo – I liked how it showed off the details on the back of her dress, his hands, and their expressions (or at least what you can see of them). While I normally don’t add texture and other details to photos, for whatever reason I couldn’t help but not add them to this photo.

A few other of my favorites (I apologize for all of the black and white photos) and another version of the above photo, without all of the added texture –

I loved the details on their reception tables. The center pieces were a mixture of vintage looking glass, bird cages, candles, linen and flowers –

Instead of the traditional wedding cake, Kristi and Nick did these fun looking gourmet cupcakes –

Congratulations Nick and Kristi! Wishing you many years of joy and happiness!

About The Photographer

Cindy Gullett

Cindy Gullett

I’m Cindy Gullett, the owner and photographer of Cynthia Gullett Photography. For the past several years, I have been a natural light photographer located in the Platte City/Kansas City. In 2022 we sold our house, bought a 5th wheel, left Missouri, and now travel full time. This site is now dedicated to our tra