The cheerleader…

Our high school cheerleaders put on a Super Saturday cheerleading camp every fall for the younger kids. This year Miss M attended and was so excited about it. Every day she would ask how many more days until camp and every day we had to count on our fingers how many more days it was until Saturday.

When Saturday finally came, she was up bright and early and ready to go by 7 and way too excited to eat breakfast. We finally left around 8:30, checked in and she ran off to play games with the cheerleaders. They learned several cheers that morning, played lots of fun games and put on a show for the parents at the end of the camp. They were then supposed to cheer at that's Friday's football game. Unfortunately that was the week of the never ending rains and the cheerleading show was postponed to this past weekend.

Originally we weren't going to be in town this past Friday, but after seeing Miss M's disappointed face, we decided to change our departure time to Saturday morning and stayed in town for her to attend the game. I'm so glad we postponed our trip, as she was so excited about attending the game!

Here are a few photos (they aren't the best quality, as I really didn't want to lug my big camera around) –

Stomp and Shake It –


Go Orange and Black!


Mmmoooommmm…. (I think she was tired of me taking her photo 🙂 )


All done! Our seats were right in front of the cheerleaders. I'm not sure Miss M watched any of the game, but she studied all of the cheerleading moves. I have a feeling she might be trying out when she gets older.


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Cindy Gullett

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