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Hayli | Class of 2016 | Platte County High School Senior Photographer

Hayli 02


Hayli 01


Hayli 04

Hayli 03


I will miss seeing this high school senior cheer at the football games this fall! I think her choice of colleges may have changed since her session, but regardless of where she attends college, I have no doubt that she will accomplish great things in her future!

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Class of 2016 | Kailee | Platte County High School

Kailee 06

Kailee 02

Kailee 04

Kailee 07

Kailee 01

Kailee 03

If you look closely at some of her photos, you might notice that she is wearing two rings – her class ring and her grandmother’s ring.

Kailee 08

This member of the Class of 2016 looks so different now! A few months after her photo session, I noticed that she had a super cute shorter hair style! I’m not sure which college this soon-to-be graduate will be attending, but I’m sending her best wishes as she starts her journey of becoming an interpreter for the deaf.



High School Senior, Seniors, Teens
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Mallory | Class of 2016 | Platte County High School Senior Photographer


Mallory 05

Mallory 06

Mallory 03

Mallory 08

Mallory 01

Mallory 07

Mallory 02

Mallory 09

Mallory 04

Mallory 11


Wishing this soon-to-be graduate best wishes as she finishes up high school and gets ready for college and continuing her softball career!

High School Senior, Seniors, Teens
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Sneak Peek | Class of 2016

This past weekend was a beautiful day for a senior session! A quick sneak peek for this soon to be graduate.

BLOG sneakpeek

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Our Somewhat Annual Family Session | Platte City Family Photographer







I have taken this family’s photos several times over the past several years. It’s been so much fun watching the kids grow up into young adults. The photo of them walking is a recreation of a photo from the first year I took their photos – that year, the youngest was just learning to walk!

Children, Families, Teens
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Summer Family Session | Platte City Family Photographer







This busy family needed their family photos updated (the last time I took their photos, both boys were shorter than mom!) and we were able to find a time before the fall sports rush started. I love that they included their family pet and thankfully the rain held off and the sun came out for a bit.

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Liberty North High School Senior Photographer | Class of 2015

ch high school senior 2015 c

ch high school senior 2015 d

ch high school senior 2015 b

ch high school senior 2015 a

A few quick photos with his brothers –

h brothers

It’s rare that I will post all black and white photos from a photo session. However, that is what this 2015 high school graduate liked best and I happen to agree that all of these photos look great in black and white. The contrasting colors, the cold fall day and the serious looking expressions just fit the b&w look. Collin was a natural in front of the camera and I absolutely love his sense of style – I was also quite jealous that with all of the wind, his hair continued to look perfect!

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Class of 2015 | Miss J | Platte County High School Senior Photographer

Platte County HS Miss J4

Platte County HS Miss J9

Platte County HS Miss J6

Platte County HS Miss J2

Platte County HS Miss J8

Platte County HS Miss J3

Platte County HS Miss J7

Platte County HS Miss J1

Platte County HS Miss J5

I loved this high school senior session with Miss Jessica. So many cute ideas, the locations, a few fun photos with her boyfriend… add in the beautiful fall colors and sunlight and it made this session easy to edit! Congratulations, Jessica, on a great high school career and good luck at Mizzou this fall!

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Miss K | Class of 2015 | Platte County High School Senior Photographer

Platte County Senior 2015 k15

Platte County Senior 2015 k07

Platte County Senior 2015 k01

Platte County Senior 2015 k10

Platte County Senior 2015 k02

Platte County Senior 2015 k09

Platte County Senior 2015 k03

Platte County Senior 2015 k05

Platte County Senior 2015 k08

Platte County Senior 2015 k06

I love this Platte City location! Even when the trees haven’t quite leafed out yet, the tall grasses, large stones, waterfall, and fallen trees make wonderful areas for photos. Only downside is that comfortable walking shoes are a must. Miss K had a few ideas that she wanted for her senior photos, but other than that, she was open to ideas and willing to try anything I asked. She was active with golf and swimming during her high school career and she plans on attending college to become a vet tech. Congratulations and wishing you lots of success in the future!

High School Senior, Prairie Creek, Seniors, Teens
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The G Family | Kansas City Area Family Photographer








I appreciate having so many families that return so often for family photos! This is one of those families. Like so many of my families that come back frequently, their kids were so young that first year and now they are in middle school and high school. It’s fun watching the kids grown up and see how much their interests change or stay the same, but at the same time I feel the same as the mom of this family – I wish they would stay little just awhile longer.

I love the location that this family chose for their session. This garden area always has such a unique look to it every season, but by the end of Fall it has this overgrown, secret garden look to it and I think that’s my favorite look here. Unfortunately, it may be the last session I have here, as the location is in the process of stopping all photo sessions here. It’s a beautiful location for photos, but it’s intended purpose is for people to be able to enjoy the gardens, not to be a beautiful backdrop for photographers.

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The Beautiful Miss J | Kansas City Area Photographer







I love my yearly sessions with Miss J! It’s been so fun to watch her grow up and she always has so many ideas for her sessions. Her session was at the end of the Fall season, on a very windy day. We took advantage of the color that was still left on the trees and used the textures and colors of the buildings to not only add some color where the trees were looking pretty bare, but to use them as a wind break too.

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Beautiful Fall Colors | Parkville Family Photographer

Gullett Photography N Family2

Gullett Photography N Family1

Gullett Photography N Family4

Gullett Photography N Family_5

Gullett Photography N Family3

Gullett Photography N family 6a
I love that I have so many families that I get to see every year! This family always chooses a location close to them that both kids are quite familiar with. This year, their morning session had such gorgeous light coming through the trees that it really highlighted all of the beautiful Fall colors. And all of those leaves on the path made for some great leaf throwing fun!

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High School Friends | Platte City Family Photographer

GullettPhotography t Family1

GullettPhotography t Family3

GullettPhotography t Family2

GullettPhotography t Family6

GullettPhotography t Family8

GullettPhotography t Family7

GullettPhotography t Family4

GullettPhotography t Family5

A high school friend and her family made the trek to Kansas City for a weekend get away and to have family photos taken. As a family they love to bike, explore and spend as much time outside as possible. This nature trail near Platte City made the perfect location for their family photos and gave the three boys plenty of space to ride their bikes and explore in between photos.

Children, Families, Prairie Creek
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Kohl & Ashley | Platte City Engagement Photographer















The cute little boy who was the ring bearer in my wedding, grew up and is now old enough to be getting married himself. How did that happen?!? Meet my nephew Kohl and his beautiful fiancĂ©e Ashley. They met at a middle school dance and have been inseparable ever since. They have an early summer wedding planned and I can’t wait to see Miss Ashely in her stunning dress!

Enagements, LVW
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My Two Girls | Platte City Childrens Photographer












It’s not often that I have an actual photo session with my daughters – a few photos here and there is usually all that happens. This day, however, had great weather and the three of us had nothing on our calendars. After a little bit of convincing them to explore a new location with me (and maybe a little bit of bribery), we were off. As a bonus, I had more than just my usual one or two photos of each of them.


Children, LVW, Teens
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