Dora Meta Augusta Runge and Henry Hahn Family History

I’ve always been curious about genealogy, however, most of my personal family history knowledge has been fairly limited. My paternal grandpa’s side of the family has had extensive research done to that branch of my family tree, but the other parts of my family tree are pretty bare. Thus began my interest to find out more about the rest of my family.

Dora Meta Auguste Runge and Henry Hahn are my great-great grandparents on my maternal grandma’s side of the family. Both of them immigrated to the United States of America from Germany in the late 1800s and eventually ended up in the same small town in Western Iowa. I had gotten small bits and pieces of info about both of them from my grandma, her cousins and info that Hattie Wessels had written down, but very little actual documentation to back up the info. Some of the info they have written down seems to be incorrect, or at least isn’t correct in how or when it may have happened. Between records on, and, I have slowly been able to start finding parts to Henry and Dora’s puzzle. The biggest jackpot was finding the online archives of the newspaper from the town they called home – The Mapleton Press.

 Henry Hahn

 June 4, 1864 – February 29, 1920

Henry Hahn has been one of my hardest people to track, as his name is very common and his story involves three different countries – Germany, Canada and the United States of America. Both my grandma and one of her cousins have said that Henry went to Canada first with his brothers Valentine and Adam. Henry’s obituary confirms this info. Henry’s brothers stayed in the area near Kitchener (originally called Berlin), Ontario, Canada, while Henry eventually ended up in Mapleton, Iowa, and opened up a shoe repair business. My grandma recalled that when her aunt Hattie and uncle Harold (two of Henry’s children) visited their Canadian relatives, they had said that one of Henry’s brothers owned a hotel. These little details eventually helped me find Henry’s siblings in Canada and I will include more info about them later on.

Between census records, documents that my grandma has, various articles in the Mapleton Press and Henry’s obituary, I was able to figure out more about Henry’s life. I still have not figured out if Henry made more than one voyage to the USA or what he did with his life in Canada though.

Henry was born in the Hessen-Darmstadt (Hesse-Darmstadt) region of Germany on 4 June 1864. This date was found on both is passport and in the Iowa Death Index. His passport also indicated that he lived in (or near) the village of Bieben, Hessen, Germany, when it was mailed. I’m not sure of the size of this village in the 1880s, but it looks like it is a very small village today.

Several people have insisted that Henry’s middle name was William. I have not found any documentation that says he even had a middle name. Everything I have found just says Henry or Heinrich Hahn. His oldest son was named Heinrich Ludwig Wilhelm Hahn and was known as Henry William Hahn, Jr., but other than sharing his father’s first and last name, I’m not sure that they also shared a middle name.

Henry emigrated from Germany when he was in his late teens. I have arrival dates of 1881 (1910 Census) and 1883 (1900 and 1920 Censuses). I have found a Heinrich Hahn, age 16, traveling on the Wieland in 1881 (Departure of March 23, 1881 and arrival of April 7, 1881). He is listed as being from Bieben and his occupation is listed as tischler (this translates to carpenter or cabinet maker). This Heinrich Hahn would be of the correct age and living in the right place. I also found a Heinrich Hahn traveling with a Valentin Hahn and Margaretha Hahn in 1885 on a passenger list for the SS Rhein. However, this Heinrich Hahn is listed as being from America at that time period. I don’t know if my great-great grandfather traveled to the USA and then went back for 2 of his siblings or if that is a mistake on the ship listing. Or maybe this group of Hahns is not our Henry, but the ages and date of the voyage make sense for Henry’s siblings Valentine and Margaretha.

SS Rhein passenger list. This is the ship that a Heinrich, Valentin and Margaretha Hahn were traveling on. They are passengers 183, 184 and 186.

A document that is Henry’s passport.  Information on the outside of this document. Translation of this document –

The undersigned “Großherzogliche Kreisamt” (A governmental agency) certifies herewith that Heinrich Hahn, born 4 June 1864 at Bieben, upon his search for, and for the benefit of his emigration to America along with his wife………….born……..and accompanying minor, under parental power, existing children …………… has been granted the release from his citizenship of the Großherzogthums Hessen (the royal state of Hessen. Hessen is a German state in West Germany).
This release/departure document is valid for the expressly included and named persons at the point in time in which the forfeiture of Hessen citizenship is delivered. It will, however, become invalid, if the person released, has not transferred within six months from the day of the delivery of the release/departure document, his place of residence, to outside of the federal state, or acquired citizenship in another federal state. (A reference to the laws of the land is given.) Alsfeld the 12th Febr, 1881, Großherzoglich Hessisches Kreisamt Alsfeld, (The governmental unit.) Hoffmann ( the name of the official). Release/departure document.

The envelop is addressed to the Burgermeister (today like a mayor) and refers to 3 Mark 5 Pfennig (an amount of money) to be paid. The most interesting part is on the lower right side with the address of Bieben in the Parish of Grebenau.  (A note from the person who translated the document – Grebenau Protestant records have been filmed from 1642-1876 and Jewish records from 1823-1875.  However, all is not as easy as would seem.  The records from the Protestant Church (Evangelisch) have been indexed at and Heinrich HAHN does not appear on the index.  I searched first name, last name, full name, all persons born in 1864, and all persons born near 1864.  I could not find him.  There are some children born with the last name of HAHN in the parish in the 1860s.  You would need to compare the marriage years to see which would be the most likely parents and also the birth years to see which is the most likely gap.  If you know the father’s name then the problem could be solved more easily.  The writing is very clear so not likely any errors with that.  His name could have missed in the indexing but not too likely as two people indexed the same record, but I have seen worse errors.  There is a duplicate church record that was not indexed so that is where I would start.  In this time period, the priest made 2 records with one sent to the Archdiocese and the original retained in the parish.  The indexed record could also be read.  Other possibilities are  that he was christened in a different parish but born in Bieben or that he was Catholic or Jewish.   His parents would have traveled a distance to have him christened in the Catholic Church unless there was an affiliate church.  An affiliate church would receive services from the closest Catholic Priest and the records kept in the parish.  What I would do in order would be to read the duplicate record, the main record, the Jewish record, the nearest Catholic record, and perhaps somewhere in this process use the German phone book to determine if any HAHN still in the area that might be contacted.)

After living in Canada for several years, Henry immigrated to the United States and eventually settled in Mapleton, Iowa. I have not found any info on where Henry lived during his time in Canada or what he did while living there. Henry became a citizen of the United States of America on 26 September 1892 in Onawa, Iowa (I have a copy of this document, but have not scanned it yet). He met Dora Runge after her arrival to Mapleton in 1893 and they married on 14 May 1994.

Henry and Dora’s marriage announcement in the May 19, 1894 edition of the Mapleton Press.

While Henry was known for his shoe repair business, it seems as though at one time he also carried an inventory of ready made shoes. He sold this part of his business in 1896. A blurb in the February 28, 1896 edition of the Mapleton Press shows that he sold his inventory for some land in South Dakota. Link to article.

Newspaper ad for Henry’s shoe repair business.

Henry and Dora had eight children –

Heinrich (Hank or Henry Jr.) Ludwig Wilhelm Hahn (March 19, 1895 – February 4, 1920) Baptismal record  Died from complications due to influenza shortly after returning to the United States after from being over seas during WWI Obituary

Herbert Max Hahn (July 13, 1896 – August 10, 1989) married Jenny Lucille Hall on December 7, 1918. After her death in 1950, he then married Gertrude Sophie Schwarz on August 9, 1951.

Arthur Emirl Theodore Hahn (October 28, 1897 – April 15, 1978) married Ethel Scott on December 7, 1926. Baptismal record

Hilda Hahn (January 5, 1899 – July 24, 1936) married Irvin Burl Duncan on June 22, 1927.     Birth Record

Clara Berta Gertrude Hahn Jorgensen (June 13, 1901 – Dec 30, 1999) married Earl Jorgensen.   Birth Record Clara’s birth record lists her name as Clara Berta G. In the Hahn family history book that I saw, her name was listed as Clara Gertrude.

Hertha “Hattie” Roda or Rose Hahn (May 12, 1904 – March 23, 2001) married Leslie Chapman on August 4, 1926. They divorced sometime in the late 1930s. Before her marriage to Les Chapman, I have seen her middle name as Roda and as Rose. I’m not sure which one is correct. After her divorce, Hattie was known has Hertha C. Hahn. After her marriage to Paul Wessels in the late 1950s/early 1960s, she went by Hertha C. Wessels. She was always known as Hattie.

Harold Hahn (September 26, 1907 – October 12, 1996) Birth Record Harold never married. He spent many years working on a cruise ship and lived in San Francisco.

and a child who died in infancy sometime between 1900 and 1910. The 1900 census says that Dora has 4 children and 4 of them are living. The 1910 census says that she has 8 children and 7 of them are living. This child was also mentioned in Henry and Dora’s obituaries, as well as, their son Herbert’s obituary.

Photo of Hilda, Clara and Hattie Hahn (from Mark Jorgensen)

Henry died 29 Feb 1920 from complications due to influenza. Henry’s obituary also listed brothers Valentine and Otto, as well as, a sister living in Canada. I have only heard of Henry’s brothers being called Valentine and Adam and I don’t know if Otto is another name for Adam or if there was another brother in Canada.

Photo of Henry Hahn (from Mark Jorgensen)

An article about Francis Hahn that includes info about Henry Hahn.

Henry’s Obituary.

A photo of Henry and Dora Hahn.

Dora Meta Augusta Runge

September 1865 or 1866 – March 2, 1925

Dora Runge grew up in the Schleswig-Holstein area of Germany. She was born in the early part of September – there was a letter from Harold to his mom dated 7 September where he states that he is sorry about his belated birthday wishes, so I know her birthday was sometime during the beginning of the month.  The year has been difficult to figure out though. Here are the years where her age is listed and the approximate year she was born –

1893 – Voyage to the USA – age 27, born approximately 1866

1894 – Marriage – age 25, born approximately 1869

1895 – Iowa Census – age 26, born approximately 1869

1900 – Federal Census – age 32, born approximately 1868

1905 – Iowa Census – age 36, born approximately 1869

1910 – Federal Census – age 44, born approximately 1866

1915 – Iowa Census – age 49, born approximately 1866

1920 – Federal Census – age 54, born approximately 1866

1925 – Death certificate – born in 1866

1925 – Obituary and gravestone – born in 1865

Dora’s obituary listed three sisters as part of her survivors – Mrs. Louis Plog (Henrietta), Mrs. Louis Struck (Bertha) and Mrs. Thomas Tuler (Alvina). Henrietta Runge’s marriage record to Louis Plog lists her parents as Theodore Runge and Gesche Riniaker. I’m pretty sure that Gesche’s last name is not spelled correctly, but I’m not quite sure what it should be yet either.

All of the censuses list Dora’s year of immigration as 1893. Henry and Dora’s daughter, Hattie, had written down that Dora was a governess and came to the United States with the Hooster (Wooster?) family. However, I’m not sure that she traveled to the USA with them. I’m pretty sure that the Theodora Runge I found traveling with the Ludwig and Agnes (Bertha’s middle name) Struck family on the 30 June 1893 arrival of the Columbia is the correct person. The Struck family would be her sister and brother-in-law, and all of the children’s names match up to children that Ludwig and Bertha should have at the point. Dora’s obituary and Hattie’s notes also said that she went to Wisconsin before settling in Iowa, however, the passenger listing for the Columbia lists Iowa as her destination. The Struck family is also listed as going to Iowa, however, they settled in Wisconsin. Since Dora’s sister Henrietta would have been living in Mapleton with her husband Louis Plog at the time of Dora’s immigration and the Struck family settled in Wisconsin, either state could have been an immediate option once she arrived in the USA.

Dora married Heinrich “Henry” Hahn on 14 May 1894 in Onawa, Iowa. Her marriage license lists her name as Dora Meta Augusta Runge. See the list of children she and Henry had above in Henry’s info.

The 1920 census lists her naturalization year as 1894, but I haven’t found the actual record for it. Since this is also the year that she married Henry, and since he was already a citizen by then, she probably was granted citizenship through marriage.

I do have a piece of paper that says a Gesche Runge attended the Christening of Henry and Dora’s son Henry (Hank). While this should be Dora’s mother, her relationship wasn’t listed.

Dora’s obituary. This is very hard to read due to a bad scan. I’ve attempted to transcribe it –

From The Mapleton Press on March 5, 1925.

Mrs. Hy Hahn dies after long illness

Had been in failing heath since operation 2 years ago – Funeral Wednesday.

Mrs. Henry Hahn, a resident of this section for many years, died at her home at 10 o’clock Monday [March 2, 1925] after suffering for nearly two years. She underwent an operation two years ago and has not been in good health since.

Mrs. Hahn, who before her marriage was Dora Runge, was born in Germany in 1865. She came to the United States in 1893. After living in Wisconsin for a short time, she came to Mapleton where she had resided until her death.

Mrs. Hahn was married to Henry Hahn of Mapleton in May 1894. Eight children were born to this union. One died in infancy and the oldest son expired about five years ago. Her husband also proceeded in death five years ago.

The surviving sons are Herbert, Arthur and Harold, while the daughters are Hilda, Clara and Hattie. Three sisters also survive Mrs. Hahn.

They are Mrs. Louis Plog of Hood River, Oregon, Mrs. Louis Struck of Lyle, Washington, and Mrs. Thomas Tuler of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Other survivors are four grand children.

Mrs. Hahn will be a remembered as a patient sufferer since her surgery. Her disposition and her sympathy for others were her many (?unknown word).

Funeral services were held at St. Peter’s Evangelical Church Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock with burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

A photo of Dora.

Another photo of Dora.

Henry Hahn’s Siblings

Based on the info that I was given by family members, photos that Hattie had in her photo albums and names that were listed in Henry’s obituary, I found a Valentine Hahn, Adam Hahn and a Margaretha (Maggie) Hahn Klem living in the Kitchener, Ontario, area.

Valentine Hahn

Valentine Hahn was born on May 7, 1858, in Germany.

Canadian Census shows that he arrived in 1885. The SS Rhein arrived in New York on 19 June 1885 and has three passengers on it named Heinrich Hahn, Valentin Hahn and Margaretha Hahn. It shows that Valentine and Margaretha are German citizens, while Heinrich is American. If these are the correct people, as I said in Henry’s info, I’m not sure why he is listed as American.

Valentine ended up in Durham, Ontario. He married Charlotte Hollinger on 21 June 1887, and they had one son, Oscar John Hahn (1890-1951). Valentine’s marriage license lists his parents as Adam and Margaret Hahn. Valentine owned a hotel in Durham for several years. I’ve seen the hotel listed as Hahn Hotel and Middaugh House. I’m not sure if these are two separate hotels, a name change or if, since he owned the hotel for so many years, it was referred to as both. Oscar later took over the hotel and, sometime after Valentine’s death, moved and owned/managed a different hotel.

During his later years, Valentine traveled to Germany several times. It was on his re-entry to Canada that he declared he was visiting a brother in Germany. His brother’s name is listed as J.H. Hahn. Address is listed as Bieben, Oberhausen (Oberhessen?), Germany.

Valentine died in 1940 and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada, with his wife Charlotte.

J.H. Hahn –

Other than being named as the brother that Valentine visited while in Germany, I have no other info on him. No one else that I have talked to knows about him.

Adam Hahn-

Adam was born in Germany on 2 Sept 1861.

Canadian Census shows he arrived in 1883, however, I have not been able to find a listing on a ship for him yet. Since 1883 is also the year that the 1900 and 1920 censuses show that Henry arrived, I wonder if the two of them came over on the same ship?

As far as I know, Adam stayed in the Berlin/Kitchener area his entire time. He married Amelia Radtke on 23 Aug 1885 and they had several children. Between deaths at an early age and the given names versus the nicknames that their children went by, it’s been difficult for me to figure out exactly how many children they had and their exact names. I am pretty sure they had more than the seven children listed in Adam’s obituary though. The children that I have been able to document are –

Augusta “Annie” Hahn (March 26, 1886 – May 21, 1892)

Margaret “Maggie” Hahn (July 4, 1887 – ) married Carl Kavelman on October 28, 1914

Augusta Alberta Eliza “Lizzie” Hahn (October 24, 1888 – May 6, 1911)

Edward Valentine Hahn (May 30, 1890 – May 27, 1892)

William August Hahn (November 24, 1891 – )**

Otto Hahn (August 30, 1893 – )**

**One of these children went by Henry G. after birth. I have not figured out which one went by Henry and which one had died by the 1901 Canadian Census, as only one of them is listed by then. I also haven’t found a death record for either of them yet. Henry was listed on 1901 census as 9 years old. For the 1911 Census, he was in the USA. He married Marietha Blanche Church on 26 Aug 1922.

Henry August Oscar Hahn (August 5, 1894 – September 1895)

Florence Mary (Marie) Hahn (September 2, 1896 – ) married John Herman Bendig on August 17, 1921

Elenora (Eleanor) Charlotte Hahn (April 3, 1900 – December 6, 1981) married Reginald Strasser Petch.

Rosa Gertrude Hahn (November 20, 1902 – )

Clarence Hahn (May 3, 1906 – May 27, 1994)

Dorothy Auguste Wilhelmina Hahn (May 16, 1908 – ) married Wilfred Candler

Adam and Amelia’s marriage license lists Adam’s parents as Adam and Margaret Hahn.

Adam died in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, on 22 Jan 1943. Adam’s obituary.

Margaretha “Maggie” Hahn –

Maggie was born in Germany on 11 June 1870.  Her obituary lists her parents as Adam and Margaret Hahn. However, her marriage record lists John and Sophie Hahn as her parents. One of these is obviously incorrect. I found a possible Baptism record for her. The birth date is the same and her parents are listed as Adam Hahn and Margaretha Lips. The baptism took place in Evangelisch, Grebenau, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt. This location is very close to Bieben, Germany, where Henry’s passport was mailed to him.

The 1921 Canadian Census says she arrived in 1880, at age 10. However, this doesn’t make sense to me. She would have arrived before her three older brothers and, as far as I can tell, their parents did not leave Germany. Her obituary said that she came to Canada 56 years ago. This would have been around 1884 or 1885 and put her around 14 or 15 years old. This time frame makes more sense. This is around the same time that her brother, Valentine, would have immigrated to Canada and would fit with the Margaretha Hahn I found on the Rhein.

Maggie married Ernest Klem on 3 May 1892 and they had 5 children –

Maggie Leona Klem (April 4, 1893 – 1945) married Albert Mielke on June 5, 1907.

Herbert Henry Klem (September 15, 1894 – December 1964) married Marguerite Frickey on January 6, 1915.

Walter William Klem (September 26, 1897 – February 26, 1969) married Nellie Underwood on June 23, 1917

Mable Mary “May” Klem (August 31, 1901 – ) married Clayton Carl Hemmerich on August 14, 1924

Carl Oscar Charles Klem (May 6, 1907 – Jan 2, 1999) married Mable Christine Glady on September 27, 1928

As far as I can tell, Maggie stayed in the Berlin/Kitchener area once she arrived in Canada. She died 11 June 1940 in Kitchener, Ontario. While her obituary lists Adam and Valentine as her brothers, it does not list Henry. I assume this is because Henry had already passed away. Maggie’s obituary.

These are the only four siblings I have found for Henry.

Photos of Henry’s Siblings

Hattie Hahn Wessels and Harold Hahn took a trip to see their Canadian relatives during the summer of 1934. These photos were in Hattie’s photo albums –

Aunt Maggie

Adam, Valentine, Maggie and unknown person

Dora Runge’s Siblings

Between her obituary, newspaper articles and my grandma’s memories, Dora has at least 3 siblings – Henrietta Runge Plog, Bertha Runge Struck and Alvina Runge Tuler.

Henrietta A. Runge –

Henrietta was born in Germany on 13 Feb 1861. She married Louis Plog in Monona County, Iowa, on 18 Jul 1891. They had six children – four born in Mapleton and two born in Hood River, Oregon. They moved from Mapleton to Hood River around 1900 and started an orchard. A little bit of biological info is located here –

I found a Henrietta Runge traveling to Iowa on the Rhaetia in 1891. It left Germany on 10 May 1891 and arrived in New York on 25 May 1891. Her residence is listed as Eimsbüttel, Holstein (Schleswig-Holstein).

Henrietta and Louis’ marriage license lists her parents as Theodore Runge and Gesche Riniaker (I do not think this is the correct spelling of her last name).

Henrietta and Louis had six children –

John Edward Plog (August 17, 1892 – March 21, 1960) married Lempi Marie Annala on February 2, 1919.

Walter Fredrick Plog (February 20, 1894 – January 14, 1918)

Olga Agnus Plog (July 11, 1895 – January 5, 1938) married Harold Hague.

Edna Louise Plog (February 22, 1898 – March 9, 1986) married Oliver Edward Hart.

Harry Plog (March 20, 1901 – October 6, 1986) married Emily Augusta Fletcher

Louis Plog, Jr. (October 17, 1903 – May 13, 1986) married Mary Elizabeth Shute.

Henrietta died either in Hood River, Oregon, on 15 Jun 1927, or in San Diego on 8 June 1928. I have found a record for both dates and locations, however, a photo of her gravestone has 1928 as her year of death.

Bertha Agnes M. Runge –

Bertha was born in Germany in April 1863.  According to the 1900 US Census, she married Ludwig Struck in 1885. They had 11 children, three of them dying at a very young age.  The older children were born in Germany, while the younger ones were born in Wisconsin, Germany and Oregon. Their children are –

Ferdinand Theodore Struck (March 18, 1886 – November 22, 1943). Was a professor at Penn State University. Married Alice Clark.

Herman E. Struck (March 1887 – January 13, 1954) married Jeanne A. “Jahny” Taphoureau.

Martha Bertha Struck (September 7, 1888 – October 13, 1977) married Albert Julius Brunquist.

Ludwig Struck (1889-1893)

Walter Struck (1890-1891)

Charles Karl Struck ( April 30, 1892 – August 3, 1958) married Cecil Erle Vanosten.

Edward Struck (May 1893August 27, 1912). I think this is the same Edward Struck that was traveling with Alvana Runge, Gesche Runge and Bertha Runge from Germany to the United States in 1895. Since Edward’s family left Germany on a June 22, 1893, voyage to the United States, maybe he was too young to travel with them?

George Ernst Wilhelm Struck ( June 5, 1894April 20, 1984) married Gladys May Morton.

Herbert Adolf Alvin Struck (November 21, 1895March 4, 1962) married Katherine Mary Catterlin.

Ernest Henry Struck (18 Oct 190314 Dec 1988) married Virginia McGowan.

Harold Edgar Struck (1908- 17 Jan 1910)

While trying to find more info about the Struck family, I came across an autobiography of their son Herman Struck –  One piece of info that stood out to me was they came to Wisconsin, went back to Germany and then came back to the USA, settling in Oregon. This would explain the location of her younger children’s births. In later years it looks like they may have also lived in Washington for a bit. As I was looking for their arrivals, I found the 30 June 1893 arrival on the Columbia with Theodora Runge and another one in 1899. On their 1893 arrival with Theodora Runge, they are all listed as being from Segeberg, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein). On their 1899 arrival, it says that they had been in the USA from 1893-1898 previously. The 1899 passenger list also says that they were living in Hamburg and that they are going to St. Louis.

Bertha died in Hood River, Oregon, on 09 Dec 1934.

A photo of Bertha with her daughter (?) Martha – front and writing on the back. The note on the back is in German, however, I haven’t had it translated.

Alvinia Runge –

Alvinia has been my most difficult sibling to find correct info on. Dates seem to be all over the place, documentation has been difficult to find and it seems as though she may have been married at least twice with some events being listed as happening in Germany in one place and in Wisconsin in another.

She was born in Germany on 10 June 1871.

I found an Alvinia Runge (age 24) traveling with a Gesche Runge (age 68) and a Bertha Runge (age 3 months) from Germany to the USA on the Auguste Victoria. The arrival date into New York was on 28 Sept 1895.  There was also a 2 year old boy named Edward Struck that seemed to be traveling with them. All 4 of them state they are going to Wisconsin. Alvinia and Bertha are listed as US citizens while Gesche Runge and Edward Struck are listed as German citizens. I can’t imagine Alvinia making a trans-Atlantic voyage with a newborn twice, so is it possible that Bertha was born in Germany but listed as an American citizen if her mother was already living in America? Alvina’s census records list her as arriving in 1892 and 1894, although I have not found her arrivals for either of those years yet.

Alvinia married Thomas Tuler sometime between 1894 and 1897 in Wisconsin. It depends on which census year you look at on which year is listed. However, the Wisconsin Genealogy Index lists their marriage year as 1897. Alvinia’s oldest daughter, Bertha, was born in 1895 in either the United States or in Germany (I’ve seen both listed) and has been occasionally listed with the last name of Schneider. I’m assuming that Alvinia may have been married before, but I haven’t been able to find any info about it.

Alvania’s oldest daughter –

Bertha Runge (17 Jun 1895 30 Jun 1985) married  Chester Mantz and then, later, married Frank Klamert.

Alvinia and Thomas had eight children –

Rosa Anna Tuler ( 11 Jun 189811 Apr 1981) married Henry “Harry” Burgess.

Edward Paul Tuler Sr. ( 2 Mar 190129 Sep 1950) married Myrtle “Betty” Wolf.

Anthony A Tuler (13 Jan 190211 Aug 1972) married Margaret Reis

Mary Magdelena Tuler ( 9 Dec 19036 May 1973) married Rudolph Schweigl.

Martin Tuler (11 Nov 190522 October 1931) married Helen Wierzba

Leona Tuler (11 Sep 190724 January 1968) married Alfred Peters

Claire M. Tuler (August 2, 1911 – 14 August 2004) married Donald Haberman.

Agnes Cecelia Tuler (1916-1916)

Alvinia became a Naturalized citizen on November 12, 1941 and died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 17 June 1945.

Unidentified Photos

These are photos that were with the other family photos, but there isn’t any identifying info on them.

A photo of a multi-generational family. Maybe a photo of either Henry or Dora’s parents with one of their children and their family?

A photo of a young woman. The back of the photo lists that it was taken by Huber and Photographer. Canadian Block. King St. – Berlin. Henry Albert (H.A.) Huber was a photographer in Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario, during 1891-1897.

If you have come across this page while doing your own family research and have more information to add, please contact me.

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