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I posted a quick sneak peek of their little boy here, but I didn’t really tell the story behind their session. The mom and I talked on the phone about what kind of session they wanted, the date and time and then I sent her an email afterward to confirm the time and date – October 2nd at 5. I wrote the date down on my calendar, thought I had double checked it and filed the email into my client folder. As the date grew nearer, I double checked my calendar to see when and where my sessions were for the weekend. According to my calendar, my October 2nd evening was free, but I had a session on October 3rd at 5. I’m sure you can see where this is going….

When they got to Shawnee Mission Park and noticed all of the people there (I’m assuming it was homecoming weekend just based on the age and dress of the girls), they called to see if I was there yet. Ummmmm…… I was still at home, 30 minutes away. After realizing my mistake, I offered to either meet them in 30 minutes or meet them the next evening. They needed to keep their session for that night, so I grabbed my stuff and as I was heading out the door, I realized that my husband was still watching the Nationwide race. The race that was at Kansas Speedway. The same Speedway that I had to drive by to get to our meeting place. Hoping that he was watching it taped delayed, I asked when the race got over and who won.  The race wasn’t over yet, but it should be by the time I was going to be driving by there. My stress level just went up a few more notches.

I somehow made it in the 30 minutes that I said I would – without any speeding tickets or running into too much traffic.

The location was great. The lighting was gorgeous. The family looked incredible. And I was extremely thankful that the H family was so understanding! Thank you!!

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